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What is free, what is not?

Every year, you can rate the current Eurovision songs for free and use all the

features of the App.

Also every year, for the price of one coffee, you can unlock all the other available shows such as the Eurovision Semifinals & Final with running order, Junior Eurovision and all the National Finals. So you just have to pay once to rate all the shows of a year, forever!

If you’re a huge fan of the App, you should consider buying the Full Package in order to get access to ALL the available years (at the time of buying) with a big discount. You only pay once and get them all!

Why do I have to pay to rate these shows?

This is a little contribution we ask to cover server and developement costs. It’s our only income, as we want to keep the App free from advertising.

I paid for the in-App purchase but the shows are still locked…

If your in-App content didn’t unlock after your purchase, please contact us by mail at with your username/mail in the app and the confirmation mail you’ve received from Google/Apple after your payment. With this info, we will be able to unlock the content manually for you.

When I try to buy the premium version using « go for it », nothing happens…

This issue appears on android devices because you’ve probably already bought the same content and either the content failed to unlock or you’ve bought it with another account and you just don’t remember that (for example if you’ve changed your phone).

If the purchase failed to unlock the content, please contact us with the confirmation mail received by Google and we will unlock the shows manually for you.

I get an ‘Error’ message when trying to buy the premium version of the app…

Make sure your payment method (Credit card or PayPal) is active. If you still don’t manage to buy the premium version please contact Google and ask them why your payment account is blocked. Usually, it gets blocked when suspicious activity is detected on your account (this is done automatically). In order to contact them, just fill a form and they will call you back for free.

My In-App purchase worked for a few days, but now it says I have to pay again…

Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Your app probably just lost connexion with the server. So just logout/login again or remove the App from your phone’s task bar and reopen it again: the problem will get fixed by itself. If you still have problems with your in-App purchase, don’t hesitate and contact us by mail at

Also note that an in-App purchase is account-related: if you create another account, it will not consider your previous in-App purchases.

Why do I have to create an account to use the App?

Because without an account, it would be impossible to store your ratings for each show, to connect with other users, create groups or get the results of the Community.

So, almost every feature of the App would be impossible to run… Useless isn’t it?

Facebook login is no more available, what am I supposed to do?

Don’t panic, we had to remove « Facebook login » because of technical restrictions, but even if you’ve created your account with Facebook, this doesn’t change much from now on : just log in with your mail (the one related to your facebook account) and your password - it’s the same!

Fill this information in the requested area on the login screen and press « Log In ».

If you’ve forgotten your password, please use our « Forgot your password? » service : enter your email and you will receive a new password to login in with. You will then be able to edit this password in the « My Account » section of the app, on the left menu.

If you’ve forgotten your facebook mail, please contact us with your username or whatever info you remember at and we’ll do our best to recover it.

Will my ratings stay if I delete the App and install it again?

Yes, your ratings will stay, as they are account related. But you have to save them online: once you’ve rated all the songs of a show, press the « Save My Top » button (it will become green to indicate that your ratings have been saved and sent to your Groups (if you have any) and to our Community. If you want to erase all your data, you will have to delete your account.

I’ve created a group in the App with some of my followings but they do not see my group on their devices...

This is normal. In the App, groups are just filters for you to see the common results of more people. You can create as many groups as you want and include the followings you want, it’s just for you, they won’t see anything. Of course, they can do the same and you won’t be notified that a friend of yours has included you in one of his groups.

I want to follow a user and see his ratings. Will he be notified?

No, it’s the same as for the Groups: you can follow who you want and be followed by everyone and you won’t be notified. It’s just for you!

Any other question?

Feel free to contact us:

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